Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Evolution of a terrorist

A reader sent me this. It says: from left to right:
"Ikhwani (Muslim Brotherhood member), Wahhabi, Salafi, Takfiri, terrorist."

Please don't distract him...

he is on his way to liberate Palestine.

This is how the Washington Post unabashedly and propagandistically celebrated the victory of the right in Argentina

(The headline was later changed).

Very unfunny performance

This is quite unfunny.  And American TV shows are hardly the best work of humanity.  And the notion that ISIS loses if a crowd in Beverly Hills laughs is outright silly.  You judge.

This Arabic graffiti says it all

It says: "take off your shoes. Its soil is full of our blood".

Syrian rebels shooting at Russian helicopter

Many Western journalists and pundits were jubilantly posting videos of "Syrian rebels" shooting at Russian pilots and helicopter without mentioning that those were fighters from Nusrah Front.

sad states of the Arab world

It is a sad states when some Arabs threaten other Arabs with Putin, while other Arabs threaten other Arabs with Erdogan.  Self-determination was never farther from the hands of the Syrian people.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UCLA fights BDS

From a reader from UCLA: ""Milan Chatterjee, having presided over the drafting of a 'neutrality clause' that prescribes the UCLA Graduate Student Association's stance on Israel/Palestine issues, did not wait until the GSA had voted on such a clause, before communicating to the organizer of a diversity event that GSA funding was contingent on the event's exclusion of BDS activity. This episode is indicative of the insidiousness and duplicity practiced by those who abuse their positions of power to stifle or deny graduate students in a public university their first amendment right to free expression.""

"Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Israeli Jewish leader says"

"However, Shin Bet - Israel's domestic intelligence agency - recently concluded that there are no legal grounds for similarly outlawing Lehava, despite a request from Mr Ya'alon to consider doing so. 
Two of the group's members were recently jailed for setting fire to Jerusalem's Jewish-Arab Max Rayne Hand in Hand school last November. Hebrew graffiti reading "Kahane was right" was sprayed on a wall of the school. 
Mr Gopstein was arrested along with 20 other Lehava members for suspected incitement to violence last last year but has so far not been charged."

New York Times and bigotry

Before the New York Times rebukes Donald Trump for his blatant racism and ignorance, it should rebuke itself for its long history of offense and racism against Arabs and Muslims.  Its coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict is akin to Nazi coverage of WWII.

bogus polling of Muslims

"The Sun has splashed with the headline: “One in five Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis”, but does the claim stack up?
A look at the polling data behind Monday’s headline calls into question how the newspaper has interpreted the figures."

internet hooliganism: The Female ISIS Suicide Bomber in the Bathtub Was Exactly None of Those Things

"The problem is that the woman that the Post confidently declared to be the “Paris suicide bomber” doesn’t appear to be her at all. That woman, pictured above, came forward today to say she is not Hasna Ait Boulahcen and has no connection to the group of people who carried out the Paris attacks. Instead, she says, her name is Nabila Bakkatha, she is from Morocco, and in an interview with CNN she alleges that the Daily Mail got duped into publishing her photo by an opportunistic ex-friend with a grudge.
“The photograph was taken by my friend, who sold it to a French journalist after the Paris attacks in revenge,” she tells CNN."

Monday, November 23, 2015

Little boy who gave $20 to vandalized mosque receives a special surprise

"A little boy in south Texas did something pretty great last week, and the news spread quickly across the world, via social media. Seven-year-old Jack Swenson took $20 from his piggy bank and decided to give it to a community mosque that had been grossly defaced during a Muslim hate crime.

Twenty dollars might not seem a lot to some, but to Jack Swanson, it was a life’s savings.  And to Faisal Naem, a board member from the Islamic Center of Pflugerville, Jack’s gift was comparable to “$20 million” to the Muslim community."

Syrian National Coalition leader refers to Al-Qa`ida fighters in Syria as "honorable revolutionaries"

""I call on the honourable Syrian revolutionaries in this group (Al-Qa`ida branch in Syria) to return to the broad umbrella of the Syrian revolution a nd spare the country further destruction," Khoja said." (thanks Fred)

The only Islam that US officials like is the Islam of Arab Gulf potentates

Towns named Lebanon in the US

"In 1955, the government of Lebanon decided to extend the hand of friendship to its namesakes and invited the mayors of all the U.S. cities named Lebanon to visit Beirut.

There, the American mayors were presented with cedar trees to bring back home. Today, these trees still stand in the town squares of these towns in America called Lebanon.

Most of the “Lebanons” are apparently named for the biblical reference of the cedars of Lebanon, particularly if they are located near a cedar forest. The verse, from the Old Testament, Ezra 3:7, says, “So they gave money to the masons and the carpenters, and food, drink, and oil to the Sido’nians and the Tyrians to bring cedar trees from Lebanon.”" (thanks Brooke)

The US and the creation of ISIS

"At every point along the way, the Bush administration made choices that exacerbated sectarian tensions in Iraq and set the country on the path to break-up. The assertion by some observers that the country is riven by age-old hatreds, is ahistorical and incorrect. In previous decades, political passions centered on anti-colonialism or big landlordism and socialism. The vacuum of power created by the U.S. dissolution of the secular Baath Party encouraged Iraqi politicians to play on sectarian passions in unprecedented ways. Provoking a violent insurgency was likewise fateful. Once an insurgency comes into being, it typically does not subside for 10 to 15 years.
But Americans have difficulty recognizing their own culpability in the rise of the Islamic State for two reasons. First, the public (and the press) seldom understood or credited Iraqi social forces with the ability to act independently, focusing instead on the U.S. military’s campaigns. Second, Iraq became a football in partisan bickering, with dispassionate analysis abandoned for unsubstantiated blame games."

How many times does the US Congress have to issue yet another resolutions of sanctions against Hizbollah?

Really.  Or is that a ritual required by the Zionist lobby to show fealty and obedience?

2 years in prison and 200 lashes for socializing with Shi`ites in Saudi Arabia

The appeals court changed the conviction from "socializing with Shi`ites" to "socializing with trouble-makers".

Censorship of certain opinions in the U.S.

"The claim that CNN journalists must be “objective” and are not permitted to express opinions is an absolute joke. CNN journalists constantly express opinions without being sanctioned. Labott’s crime wasn’t that she expressed an opinion. It’s that she expressed the wrong opinion: After Paris, defending Muslims, even refugees, is strictly forbidden."

Syrian "fighters" in Israeli hospitals

From Frank: "An FYI. This is unreal. Liz Sly and Anne Barnard will probably skip this one.

"Sharri Markson, a senior journalist at News Corp’s the Australian, has said security forces in Israel were “heavy-handed” when they briefly detained her during a press tour after she collected personal details of wounded Syrian fighters being secretly treated in a hospital.
Sources said the chief executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, Vic Alhadeff, stepped in to defuse the tense situation when Markson was questioned about breaking the hospital’s strict rules on protecting the identity of the 500 patients, some of whom are fighting in the Syrian war.""

Israel also illegally procured a wide variety of high tech nuclear equipment from abroad

" "Israel has a wide range of delivery vehicles for its nuclear weapons. With French assistance in the 1960s, Israel developed the nuclear-capable Jericho ballistic missile. It has developed several improved missiles since then on its own, as well as nuclear-capable cruise missiles. It also has aircraft that can deliver nuclear weapons. It may have the capability to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles from its submarines." According to the report, Israel also illegally procured a wide variety of high tech nuclear equipment from abroad, that can be used both for civilian and military purposes."

Vela Incident: Israeli nuclear test in 1979

"Despite the US government’s silence on the issue, circumstantial evidence that Israel detonated a nuclear explosive device off the coast of South Africa on September 22, 1979, with the assistance of South Africa, keeps building. Such a test means that Israel and South Africa are in violation of the Limited Test Ban Treaty." "Continuing to hide Israel’s testing violation is a direct counter to the US claim that it stands for the rule of law and implies that the United States cannot be counted on to defend treaties if they are violated by Israel. This failure fosters cynicism about the seriousness of the United States and its allies on the restraining of nuclear weapons. In the wake of the Iran agreement, it underscores concerns that the United States has double standards on arms control when Israel is involved."

Bahrain royal reforms impress the West

"Britain’s close Gulf ally Bahrain has been torturing detainees during interrogation, a leading human rights watchdog says, undermining UK government claims that the island state has reformed its security forces and improved accountability." "Accounts of the mistreatment of prisoners will bolster claims by Bahraini opposition figures that Britain is turning a blind eye to unacceptable practices, three weeks after the foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, inaugurated a controversial new British naval base near the capital, Manama." (thanks Amir)

Shi`te invasion of Syria?

From comrade Raed: "the article is hilarious in many ways.  look at this statement: this is coming from a former syrian solider:
"“I need a software change after everything I saw and experienced."
how does that translate to arabic? a software change?
and you should chekc the hyperlinks to the "Recorded evidence" the article provides about this sectarian agenda of the shiia militias: 6 or 7 people in a mosque in damascus, a Ya hussein flag raised over a (shia) mosque in qusayr, another 7 people attending a khutba. Syria is going shiia faster than we thought"

According to this website of Qatari regime, there are Huthi fighters in Syria

Kid you not. Read here.

But what are the differences between the groups?

"Divisions among Syrian opposition factions, some backed by the West and others by Gulf Arab states, are often cited as one of many obstacles facing diplomatic efforts to end the conflict." (thanks Basim)  But don't worry. There are now attempts in Riyadh to unite--YET AGAIN--all the moderate rebel groups. 

This is not a rhetorical question but is there one picture of Mahmoud Abbas in which he does not look undignified?

Some developing countries developed nuclear weapons and have satellites in space but Lebanon has its own scientific achievements

Lebanon celebrated Independence Day by inaugurating the longest Manqushah ever.

How to cover up the lie that Arabs in New Jersey cheered Sep. 11

So this Zionist blogger was caught lying (yet again) about her claim that Arabs in New Jersey were seen cheering Sep. 11 bombings.  To cover up her lying--and as if attempting to provide evidence when no evidence exists--she now claims that some Arabs in New Jersey raised the Palestinian flag, as if this amounts to cheering Sep. 11 bombings.

He is counted among the top military generals in human history

King PlayStation of Jordan: this buffoon is the hope of Arab youth--according to Western media and governments.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Johathan Pollard at at the US Capitol

Knowing American politics and the obsession with Israeli occupation and its interests in the US Congress, it is really not far fetched to imagine an invitation from US Congress to Jonathan Pollard to address a joint session of Congress.  

By its own admission, US military admitted killing civilians in Iraq, including a child

"The U.S. military disclosed on Friday that an airstrike it carried out on an Islamic State checkpoint in Iraq likely killed at least four civilians, including a child."

U.S. has avoided attacking ISIS from the air if it's fighting the Syrian army

"The largest military force fighting IS in Syria is the Syrian army, as the former British chief of general staff Baron Richards pointed out last week. It is overstretched, but it has at least four effective combat divisions. It has always been a myth that it has not been fighting Isis as is proven by the horror films posted by the jihadists on YouTube, showing captive Syrian soldiers having their heads cut off. But the US has studiously avoided attacking Isis from the air if it is fighting the Syrian army" "The Syrian army has suffered 47,000 killed in action and its paramilitary forces lost a further 31,000 over the past four years,"

“fun-size terrorists”

"Drone operators refer to children as “fun-size terrorists” and liken killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long,” said one of the operators, Michael Haas, a former senior airman in the Air Force."

ISIS: "Most of the fighters who joined us in the beginning of the war came via Turkey, and so did our equipment and supplies."

"An ISIS commander told The Washington Post on August 12, 2014: "Most of the fighters who joined us in the beginning of the war came via Turkey, and so did our equipment and supplies." "CNN Turk reported on July 29, 2014 that in the heart of Istanbul, places like Duzce and Adapazari, have become gathering spots for terrorists." "An ISIS commander told the Washington Post on August 12, 2014, "We used to have some fighters -- even high-level members of the Islamic State -- getting treated in Turkish hospitals."

Haim Saban and Middle East program at Brookings

So the anti-Islam bigot, Haim Saban, is now open about his bigotry and of course the Clinton who are long time beneficiaries of his largesse (to the tune of $12 million over the years as we learn from WP). This is not to mention his endorsement of all Israeli war crimes. But it just occurred to me: imagine if David Irving, for example, is funding a Middle East program at a major think tank in Washington, DC. Can you imagine the (justifiable) uproar?  

"“Why is a mainstream Jewish charity funding Pamela Geller?” Eli Clifton asks"

"Now we learn that one of the main sowers of Islamophobia in the United States, Pamela Geller, has had the support of the Jewish community. “Why is a mainstream Jewish charity funding Pamela Geller?” Eli Clifton asks, and reports in the Forward that Geller has gotten contributions through the Jewish Communal Fund.
Jewish Communal Fund, a mainstream philanthropic fund that describes itself as “dedicated to the welfare and security of the Jewish community at home and abroad,” has funded Geller’s work. JCF’s annual tax filings show contributions of $30,000 in the 2012 tax year and $70,000 in the 2013 tax year, the last tax year for which filings are available, directed to Geller’s AFDI [American Freedom Defense Initiative].
JCF functions as a donor-advised fund, meaning donors to the fund deposit money and receive an immediate federal income tax deduction
And JCF has strict rules about who gets money: “[T]he Board of Trustees of the Jewish Communal Fund retains the right to deny any grant request where the purposes and activities of the recommended charitable organization are deemed to be adverse to the interests of the Jewish community.”
No one will answer Clifton’s questions; but it turns out it’s not just Geller:" (thanks Amir)

Meet the dean of the "moderate" and secular and feminist Syrian rebels--according to Saudi regime and Liz Sly

I am not making this up. Zahran `Allush (who has a long history of war crimes and kidnapping and indiscriminate shelling) has been named as the major figure in the meeting of the "moderate opposition" which is being convened by Saudi regime. The US has agreed to consider `Allush among the "moderate" opposition while Saudi regime and Qatari regime wanted to also include Nusrah Front (the official Al-Qa`idah branch) as part of the moderate rebels although the US has carefully and deliberately avoided hitting any Nusrah front targets in Syria.

King of Jordan on the battlefield (a series)

Here, the King climbs the Karmil mountain during the battle for the liberation of Palestine.

Huffington Post Qatari regime embraces the Muslim Brotherhood

This is an actual headline:"Muslim Brotherhood calls for brotherhood among humans and declares its opposition to violence and racism".  

Mali troops are trained by US and France

Were Mali troops trained to carry the White Man on their back?

Classes of victims

Between Beirut and Paris.

Protocols of the Elders of...Muslims

There is a such a thing as the Council of Muslim Elders. I am not kidding you.  It basically comprises pro-Saudi regime clerics and professors and functionaries (and it includes among others Shaykh Al-Azhar, an American: the King Faisal Professor at University of Southern California, and also a pro-Saudi regime Shi`ite cleric from Lebanon).  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

MESA will be the last: Anthropologists Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of BDS

"The academic group representing American anthropologists voted by an overwhelming 1,040-to-138 margin on Friday night to approve a proposed boycott of Israeli academic institutions".