Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enabler of war crimes at the UN

"In her five years in government, however, Power has done nothing of substance to prevent atrocities. In fact, her most notable accomplishment might be her enabling of their most ruthless perpetrators, primarily through her protection of Israel, a serial human rights abuser and the world's only active settler-colonial state." "Power routinely coordinated with the Israeli government to help protect its occupation of Palestinian territory." "With Power seated at the UN, the Israel lobby chalked up one of its greatest political coups of the Obama era, securing perhaps the most high profile product of the human rights industrial complex as a weapon in its war on the Palestinians."

Assessing Israel's military

Those are as reliable and objective analysts on the matter as the "experts" on Hizbullah below: "These assessments were based on the media outlet's own research, and on interviews with two experts: Patrick Megahan, from the Foundation of Defense of Democracies' Military Edge project, and Chris Harmer, senior naval analyst at the Institute for the Study of War. "

"The WP's cast of characters for comment on Hizbullah"

From Basim: "“Hezbollah is spread thin. They are waging so many battles and are positioned on so many fronts,” said Imad Salamey, associate professor of political science at the Beirut-based Lebanese American University.

“This attack was really striking. It really damages¬ the reputation of Hezbollah as a competent military force,” said David Schenker, director of Arab politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a former Pentagon official.

“If Israel wanted to launch a war against Hezbollah, this would have been a perfect opportunity, and this time around, Hezbollah’s losses¬ would be huge,” Hanin Ghaddar, managing editor of the Lebanese Web site Now News, wrote in an editorial.

“Hezbollah is trying to keep the situation as calm as possible,” said the analyst, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of angering Bekaa Valley clans."  I would say that is a fair objective range of views on the subject.

Is ISIS a member of NATO?

""A remarkable video has emerged purporting to show Islamic State militants chatting casually with a group of Turkish border guards near the besieged Syrian city of Kobane. The amateur footage, understood to have been filmed close to Zarova Hill in the outskirts of Kobane, raises serious questions about the apparently relaxed relationship between the terror group and officials from the Nato member state."

(thanks Amir)

When the Wahhabi Jihadi terrorists entered Mecca

"Nevertheless, when the vicious Saudis/Wahhabis finally entered Islam's holiest city, they found Makkah's terrorized inhabitants hiding in their homes, the city's streets were
totally deserted, and the houses' doors and windows were tightly shut in their faces. The Wahhabis brutally broke into Makkah's houses and destroyed all musical instruments and records, gramophones, radios, cigarettes, tobacco pipes, pictures, and mirrors - all considered by them to be the work of the Devil. The primitive Wahhabis then used the
wooden frames of the houses' windows and doors for cooking fire. The barbaric Wahhabis also flogged Makkah's inhabitants who wore Western clothes, gold, perfume, or silk. They desecrated most graveyards, and destroyed many of Makkah's beautiful tombs, ornamental mosques, and shrines that had stood for centuries reflecting the glorious Islamic past and the great history of the religious city. The ignorant Wahhabis also barbarically destroyed any physical traces of Prophet Mohammad's historical monuments and sights as well as all other buildings or physical structures that could be traced to his disciples "in order not to be worshiped as holy spots". "

Lest we forget, lest we forgive: martyrs of Kafar Qasim

She was found dead a year ago after she was kidnapped and raped by a Saudi prince.

Embedded image permalinkHer name is Ibtisam Al-Harbi.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunnis and Shi`ites agree on one danger

Yesterday, Hasan Nasrallah in his speech (see below) spoke against the dangers of the rise of atheism in the Arab world.  This is one "danger" that both Sunnis and Shi`ites are alarmed about.  Nasrallah spoke about a "wave of atheism" sweeping the region.

Nasrallah against Wahhabiyyah

This is an important speech by Nasrallah in which he launches a strong denunciation of Wahhabiyyah.

Nasrallah and anti-Semitism

Yesterday, Hasan Nasrallah was speaking and referred to "Jewish occupation of Palestine", but then quickly corrected himself and said: "Zionist occupation of Palestine" and quipped: so that they won't say anti-Semitism.

The father of Hasan Nasrallah speaks

This is a revealing interview with Hasan Nasrallah's father. He reveals that he was a local official of the Syrian Social National Party in his youth.

Awards for Syrian opposition

Let me predict for you: Syrian rebel supporters will win the best short film, the best long documentary, the best painting, the best sliced potato, the best short novel, the best poem, and the best hummus in all Western contests this year. Congratulations to the winners.

The Iranian woman who was executed and the Mossad propaganda operation through Mariam Rajawi cult organization

It will be revealed soon how this story was really taken and spun by Mossad and US propaganda.  Saudi propaganda made the woman Sunni to make it resonate in the sectarian climate created by Saudi regime. There are more details emerging: that the woman who was said to be "an internal decorator" was only 19; that she knew the man in question and had exchanged text messages with him; that she did text a male friend of hers prior to the murder declaring her intent to kill him; that the stories about her being raped have now been exposed as blatant lies.  Yet, any story that is damaging to foes of US and Israel are peddled by Western media without asking questions. Also, Saudi regime behead men and woman at the rate of once a week, at least. How come those victims are not famous? How come their letters (real one and not fake ones) are not published and translated? You are too keen on preserving the image of your beloved Saudi royals?

1000 German Nazis working for American intelligence

This really passed without much notice yesterday.  For someone with a contemporary memory of US propaganda in our region, the news was quite stunning.  Do you know that for much of the 1950s and 1960s, the US and Israel launched propaganda campaigns against Nasser on the ground that Egypt sheltered a handful--a handful--of German scientists who really didn't do much work?  US and Israel audaciously said that this was evidence of Nazi inclinations of the Egyptian regime.  And now we learn 1000 Nazi war criminal (or "moderate Nazi war criminal" in the language of the US government, which now labels Nusrah Front as "moderate terrorists").

Lies and Lenin

I have said before and will say it again: you can't trust Western media when it comes to foes of the US and Israel.  They established a tradition of lies and fabrications during the Cold War against communist regimes and continue to this very day.  Take this saying falsely attributed to Lenin: ""A lie told often enough becomes the truth."  This was clearly invented (probably by J Edgar Hoover) and now is widely cited as not only a saying but as a call by Lenin.  I am not a Leninist anymore but Lenin had more integrity than all Western politicians combined.

Lebanese Army soldiers in action

This is the full 8-minute video of the Lebanese Army soldiers in captivity with Nusrah Front.

literature of the Syrian "revolution"

This book is titled "Don't consult with anyone in the matter of killing `Alawites".  Kid you not.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

The letter (From the Iranian woman who was executed) to her mother: True or Mossad propaganda?

From comrade Electronic Ali: "As'ad, to follow up on your post: Many people and lots of media have been sharing this message supposedly sent from the executed woman to her mother:

You can see how many media reported it with a google news search: reyhaneh jabbari mother message

Here's the thing: it comes from an MEK website. "National Council of Resistance in Iran" is just another name for MEK.

Yet no one who has shared it has questioned its credibility. I say this as a fierce opponent of the death penalty in any place. But seriously, now all of a sudden MEK is a credible source on events inside Iran? I asked on Twitter a couple of times if anyone had a source other than the MEK website. I have not seen one yet.

Here, for instance, Middle East Eye refers to MEK as just "Iranian activists"!!!

It just goes to show how standards are completely different when it comes to reporting on Iran or Arabs or Muslims."

PS As you all know, the National Council cult used to be a tool of Saddam's intelligence service before becoming a tool of the Mossad.

Despicable Lebanese Army

I know that they are in captivity with ISIS and Nusrah Front (the Al-Qa`idah branch in Syria which is an ally of the US in its war in the region), but there are limits.  The display of disgustingly humiliating begging and the vomiting of sectarian and vulgar discourse is one manifestation of a deep crisis in the indoctrination and training of the lousy always defeated Lebanese Army.  Any one who ever dares to suggest that this lousy Army should replace the resistance movement in Lebanon in defense of Lebanon against Israeli aggression should go now and play in the garden.  Shameful.  Little kids in `Ayn Hilwah refugee camp have more courage and dignity than all members and officers of the Lebanese Army. 

So who does Israel support in Syria?

"We have the Free Syrian Army, which we believe should be supported."  It is official now.  Liz Sly and Anne Barnard should be very pleased.

When Israel kills Americans

"Most importantly, the U.S. Government has a remarkable history of exhibiting indifference, or even support, when Israel kills American citizens. The State Department never uttered a peep of protest over the Israeli bulldozer killing in 2003 of peace activist Rachel Corrie, and then implicitly endorsed the killing by Israel of the Turkish-American teenager Furkan Dogan aboard the anti-blockade Mavi Marmara flotilla (in stark contrast to the Turkish government, which – acting as most governments would – was furious that Israel had killed its citizens). In general, countries become indignant when other nations kill their own citizens. But all of the normal rules are inapplicable when the countries in question are the U.S. and Israel."

CIA employed "moderate" Nazis?

"In the decades after World War II, the C.I.A. and other United States agencies employed at least a thousand Nazis as Cold War spies and informants and, as recently as the 1990s, concealed the government's ties to some still living in America, newly disclosed records and interviews show." "Mr. Dulles believed "moderate" Nazis might "be useful" to America, records show." What irked me most about this, aside from the obvious, is that while the US employed hundreds of Nazi terrorists it complained about a handful of Germans living in exile in Egypt. 

Saudi fanatical network in China

"They returned to China carrying Wahhabi books, leaflets, fatwas (religious rulings), and sermon tapes that broadly disseminated Salafi ideas. Other significant channels included the arrival of Saudi organizations and preachers in China during the 1980s." "The activities of these groups were greatly facilitated by a network of Chinese Salafi activists who had graduated from Saudi or Saudi-affiliated institutions like Imam Saudi University, Umm Al-Qura, and Medina University." (thanks Amir)

Saudi Arabia-UAE versus Qatar

Elections in the Arab world are not allowed to freely express the aspirations and desires of people. They are merely contest between local billionaires on the one hand, and external powers on the other hand.  In Tunisia, Saudi Arabia-UAE-US basically faced off against Qatar-Turkey and the first group one. You want me to celebrate?

radical reform in Islam

My latest blog post for Al-Akhbar English: "Radical Reform in Islam: Shaykh `Abdullah Al-`Alayli"

So did he rape her or attempted to rape her, and does it matter?

I noticed that suddenly some Western media started referring to the woman who was executed in Iran as a victim not of rape but of attempted rape, weeks after all stories talked about her heroism in killing her rapist.  "The final message of a woman executed in Iran for killing a man she said tried to rape her..."

Sunday, October 26, 2014

US ambassador in Tunisia "observes" the election

The US ambassador in Tunisia assumed that he was still operating in the land of America's friend, the dictator Bin Ali. So he went and entered a polling a station.  Tunisian voters who recognized him started chanting against the US and Qatar and he had to leave the scene.  The US embassy in Tunisia merely reported that the ambassador visited a polling station as "an observer".  If Tunisia ambassador in the US entered an American polling station, he would be escorted to...Guantanamo.

A Tunisian child cries and refuses to shake the hand of the US ambassador in Tunisia: this is flying in Arab social media

Nation magazine

Have you noticed that the Nation magazine has never been able to defend Muslims or Palestinians without offending them. Ever.

Is this a problem of "Muslim communities" per se?

"There is no denying that many Muslim communities across the world have a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights, minority rights and freedom of expression."  I don't think that it is an issue of "Muslim communities" as it is an issue of regional communities affected more by culture than religion, or by both.  Take Lebanon: the status of women among Christians in Lebanon is in no way ahead of those among Muslims or Druzes.  So the issue is more about the culture.  Of course, one is not assuming that Western culture is free of sexism, patriarchy, and misogyny. 

The Iranian murderer who was executed

Correct me if I am wrong, but did she even accuse the man of rape, or of sexual harassment?  I can't believe how the Western media created a narrative (based on tweets by "activists") and ran away with it, regardless of facts of the case.

American mercenaries

"After the nauseating pictureshow of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, America’s reputation had sunk to another nadir: Blackwater became a symbol of a country so arrogant in its treatment of an Iraq it was professing to save that it allowed hired guns to use the capital as a shooting range."

investing in democracy

"The Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, will arrive in Britain amid a growing furore over his country’s alleged links to the financing of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) and al-Qaeda. The Prime Minister will host the Qatari ruler and his entourage for lunch in No 10 as part of talks to attract billions of pounds of investment."

achievements of the Israeli lobby

" "It was intransigence from hard-line elements of the US administration, pushed by the government of Israel, which led to the collapse of the last negotiations in 2005. Iran then had 200 centrifuges. By the time the negotiations resumed, following President Rouhani’s election in 2013, they had nearly 19,000 – and this despite tightened sanctions." " (thanks Amir)

on lies and liars in the US government

From a speech by Ben Bradlee.

Speaking in Sacramento

For those who don't care, I am speaking in Sacramento about Syria and the US in a few weeks.

The US government is outraged over execution in Iran

""We condemn this morning's execution in Iran of Reyhaneh Jabbari," said the statement by State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who said there were "serious concerns with the fairness of the trial and the circumstances surrounding this case."" When was the last time the US government expressed "serious concerns" over beheading in Saudi Arabia, know ing that the trials there are of very high standards, of course.  (thanks Basim)

The recent execution in Iran: when a murderer becomes a feminist heroine

There is no question that the foreign policy propaganda of the US government (any administration) determines the media coverage of all the enemies and foes of the US around the world.  You can rarely trust the coverage by US media of, say, Hamas or Hizbullah or Iran or Russia or Cuba.  The coverage becomes a thinly disguised form of crude propaganda.  Let us talk about the recent execution of a woman in Iran.  First, I would like to say that there is nothing--I mean, nothing--that a leftist can or should admire about the political system in Iran.  I have been opposed to the Iranian regime when Khumayni was plotting for its construction from his exile in France.  Secondly, regarding executions around the world, we know that the US, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq (after the US invasion) now lead the world in the number of executions and that the number of executions in Saudi Arabia and Iran are thought to be much higher than announced.  Thirdly regarding the recent case: how did the murderer who killed the Iranian surgeon becomes a feminist heroine? Do you know that this was arranged by what is called in the media "Iranian activists"?  Are those activists as reliable as those Syrian activists in Syria who fed the US media only lies and fabrications in the last three years?  And the Iranian woman murderer did not even stick to one version of her story, and later said in court that there was another man in the apartment who killed the surgeon. So which is which? Is she the woman is allegedly is trying to rid Iran of rapists or is she not?  Can you stick to one version of a story?  There was also evidence presented in court that the knife used in the stabbing (she stabbed the man in the back, incidentally) was purchased two days prior to the stabbing. Why is that not presented in Western media coverage?  Also, maybe I missed it, but is there something in Western laws that allow women to kill their rapists?  Did I miss that element in the law?  This case just like all cases pertaining to Iran and Syria are examples of US propaganda efforts to focus on their enemies, and where the UN jumps to attention when ordered by the US.  And how come the UN does not say a world about the fifty beheading ore more in Saudi Arabia this year alone?  Was one voiced raised in that regard? And why is the voice of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch always higher when discussing human rights violations by enemies of the US? Coincidence? Hardly.

PS There is another reason why Gulf regimes want the US to raise its voice on this matter. Someone alerted me that the Qatari regime media, like Aljazeera, are referring to the murderer as "a Sunni woman".  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

your dear ally in the Middle East

"Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry on Thursday issued a warning to women not to get behind the wheel in defiance of the kingdom's men-only road rules after a renewed social media campaign to challenge the law by driving in public." "The conservative Islamic kingdom is the only country in the world to stop women driving," "In Saudi Arabia, a top Arab ally of the United States, women are legally subject to a male guardian, who must give approval to basic decisions they make in fields including education, employment, marriage, travel plans and even medical treatment."

US influence in Latin America

"Increasingly, the U.S. seems to be isolated from its Latin American and Caribbean neighbours, says Birns, who argues the same is true of Canada. Both countries are excluded from recently established regional organizations such as CELAC (the Spanish abbreviation for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and Unasur (the Union of South American Nations)."

torture graphic

"The graphic below diagrams the participation of key high-level officials in the torture program based upon publicly available information."

Yet another poll from WINEP: plling firm a mystery

"The Washington Institute and conducted in September by a leading local commercial survey firm".  With an outfit tied to the Israeli lobby, and with a heavy baggage of hostility to Arabs and Muslims, all results, especially in the absence of naming the polling firm in question, the results should be regarded as suspect.  And those results seem cooked in Washington, DC: for example: the question about "Israeli-Palestinian peace": how was that phrased in Arabic? That makes a whole lot of a difference. 

Eric Alternman lied

"So Alterman states baldly that BDS activists are anti-Semitic in a speech to students who are considering pro-Palestinian action. He’s wrong.

P.S.  Alterman also urged the students not to vote for boycott because such a vote would not reflect well on him. He’s a distinguished professor of English and journalism at CUNY, and “I have a lot of titles, but that’s the one I’m proudest of, and I would hate to see it sullied by this.” Gosh. Talk about taking yourself too seriously..."

Google's plans to find a Lebanese Shi`ite alternative to Hizbullah

""In fact, Cohen had moved to Google from the U.S. State Department in 2010." "State Department cables released as part of Cablegate reveal that Cohen had been in Afghanistan in 2009, trying to convince the four major Afghan mobile phone companies to move their antennas onto U.S. military bases. In Lebanon, he quietly worked to establish an intellectual and clerical rival to Hezbollah, the "Higher Shia League." And in London he offered Bollywood movie executives funds to insert anti-extremist content into their films, and promised to connect them to related networks in Hollywood."" If only you know the names mentioned in those wikileaks. Ha ha.  (thanks Amir)

"relatively moderate" now refers in the Western media to strict Al-Qa`idah followers

"But while Riyadh has backed relatively moderate Sunni rebel groups fighting Iranian-backed governments in Iraq and Syria, it has also joined air strikes against the fundamentalist Islamic State and aided Egypt's military in its crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood." (thanks Basim)